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Equipment process of organic fertilizer production by livestock manure

Aerobic composting and fermentation technology is widely used in the production of organic fertilizer from livestock manure, including raw material pretreatment, fermentation, ripening and other processes. According to the internal temperature of the material pile, the fermentation of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line is mechanically controlled to turn the compost timely, and aeration fermentation, drying and screening are conducted in the post ripening stage to produce powdered organic fertilizer, or granulated organic fertilizer (spherical or cylindrical particles) according to the market demand. The following mainly introduces the production of granular organic fertilizer.
Equipment process of organic fertilizer production by livestock manure
Equipment composition of livestock manure granule organic fertilizer production line
1. Fermentation compost windrow turner: it can ferment and turn the materials in the fermentation process.
2. Crusher: crushing high humidity materials and other raw materials in the production process of organic fertilizer.
3. Mixer: to mix a variety of raw materials.
4. Granulator machine for fertilizer: Granulation of mixed materials; easy to separate and package.
5. Dryer: drying granular materials with certain humidity.
6. Cooler: it can quickly cool the dried materials and increase the production efficiency.
7. Screening machine: screen and grade the finished fertilizer.
8. Coating machine: the particles are coated outside to prevent the caking of fertilizer.
9. Automatic weighing and packaging machine: quantitative bagging and packaging of finished products.

It is recommended to invest in the organic fertilizer production line to select the appropriate equipment configuration according to its own investment status. It can be used as granular fertilizer and powder fertilizer. Equipment selection: If you want to reduce investment costs, you can choose a small-scale equipment configuration: grinder, mixer, granulator, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. Wait until the time is right before expanding the scale of investment.