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Fertilizer packing machine

In a fertilizer production line,there are many fertilizer machines,and the fertilizer packing machines are necessary for the fertilizer production line.Using the automatic fertilizer packing machine is more efficient and less time.We can use the fertilizer packing machine in the organic fertilizer  production line or in the compound fertilizer production line.But the fertilizer packing machine also can be divided into different types:
1.Automatic packing machine: Automatic packing machine ,also nmed automatic packaging machine,it can be divided into semi-automatic packaging scales and automatic packaging scales.The packing scale is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packing sscale and optional parts composition.Adopted screw feeder,forced material feeding and discharging.
2.Powder fertilizer packing machine:The features of the packing machine have many,and we share some important with you.Firstly,it has the intelligent control instrument,high measurement accuracy,stable performance,digital display,Chinese operation interface and the operation is more simple and quick.Also has the functions of automatic setting of control parameters,automatic correction of drop,over-alarm and self-diagnosis of faults.Secondaly,it uses the non-metering barrel structure,and has the low overall height,small footprint.Thirdly,the sprial twister feed is adopted to adapt to the flow speed of various materials.The packaging speed is fast and the precision is high to prevent the material blocking during feeding.With the material are smooth,wear-resistant,and it has good fludity,high saniary standards,corrosion resistance,and long equipment life.Finally,the shell adopts advanced spray molding process,and the parts in contact with the material are smooth,wear-resistant and it has good fluidity,high sanitary standards,corrosion resistance,and long equipment life.
3.Granular fertilizer packing machine:The features of the granular fertilizer packing machine are these:
Firstly,using professional all-digital dual-core processing weighing instruments,the operation is simple and easy to understand,it can sore a varity of ranges and other data;Secondly,the high,medium and low feeding methods guarantee high speed and high accuracy over a wide range of ranges;Thirdly,it has powerful functions such as automatic calibration,tour correction data,out-of-tolerance alarm,and fault indication.Beisdes these the machine material contact part can choose 304 stainless steel material;dual weighing hoppers can work individually,altermately and simultaneously,it with large weighing range,faster speed and more accurate measurement accuracy;and it is suitable for simultanteous mixing of two or more materials.
4.Tons bag fertilizer packing machine:The ton bag fertilizer packing machine is also called the big bag packing machine and the ton bag packer.The machine is mainly composed of four prts,automatic wweighing device,conveying,sewing device,computer control and so on.It is  kind of bulk packing equipment with unique structure and large packing capacity.It is a multi-purpose packaging machine,which integrates weigh display,automatic bag removal,dust removal and faulf alarm.It has the characteristics of high accuracy,large packaging capacity,high automation,large production capacity,wide application scope and simple operation.The equipment is designed for fertilizer,cement,non-metallic powdeer,chemical raw materials and granular materials,and is widely used in fertilizer,building materials,chemical industry,grain,feed,mineral and ither industries.