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Flow chart of multi double roller granulators in NPK fertilizer production line

Equipment flow of NPK fertilizer production line with roller granulation
automatic batching system → fertilizer mixer machine → roller granulation unit → screening machine → packaging machine.
Flow chart of multi double roller granulators in NPK fertilizer production line

The advantages and characteristics of the double roller granulator in NPK fertilizer production line are as follows
1) Power output: the motor reducer is guaranteed for one year, and the motor is driven by the belt connection. The power output is stable, and the extrusion force is balanced while protecting the motor. The granule forming effect is good and the unit strength is stable.
2) Simple structure, easy to use: ball and socket alignment adjustment design is simple, convenient for customers to operate and adjust. Provide roller skin adjustment drawing and operation steps.
3) Equipment characteristics: the fertilizer granulator machine not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also does not need fuel oil, gas and other drying measures compared with other methods. The new type of double roll extrusion granulation equipment does not need additional adhesive.
4) The raw material composition of the fertilizer granulator machine is flexible, and the raw material route of extrusion granulation production is wide. Moreover, the extrusion granulation process equipment can flexibly realize the change of product formula in a very short time. A set of device can produce dozens of products with formula.