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How to solve the problem of oxygen supply in organic fertilizer production line?

The fermentation of organic fertilizer production line mainly realizes the degradation and transformation of organic fertilizer, which requires a series of processes. A large amount of oxygen is needed in the conversion process. How does the organic fertilizer production line solve the oxygen problem? Today, Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry will explain how to solve the oxygen problem in the organic fertilizer production line.
How to solve the problem of oxygen supply in organic fertilizer production line?
Trough type aerobic fermentation process is an organic fertilizer aerobic fermentation process. The principle of high-temperature aerobic rapid composting technology is actually a process of microbial decomposition of organic materials. In this process, organic materials become small molecule yellow humic acid under the decomposition of microorganisms, decompose unusable nutrients into available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and convert macromolecular protein into small fraction The degradation of organic materials is a process of organic matter transformation.

At the same time, the composting materials also gather a lot of heat, which makes the temperature of the compost reach above 60 ℃ for a period of time, which can kill pathogens and weed seeds, and realize the harmless process of composting. The low temperature aging process of organic fertilizer can make the microorganism propagate mildly and continue to decompose the organic material. In addition, in the process of reproduction and decomposition of organic material, it can secrete a large number of biostimulants and improve the quality and efficiency of organic fertilizer. However, a large amount of oxygen is needed during the active period of microorganisms. The height of trough composting is high and oxygen is difficult to enter. Therefore, external force is needed to aerate the compost. The forced aeration system produced by Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry has high ventilation rate and automatic control of the whole process. Welcome to our factory for detailed understanding.