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Granulation method of npk fertilizer production line

The essence of npk fertilizer production line is crushing, proportioning, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening, packaging, etc. The core of production is the granulation step. The granulation processes of npk fertilizer production line are mainly the following: spray granulation, ammonia granulation, tower granulation, dry powder physical agglomeration method.

The main difference between spray granulation and ammoniated granulation is that in the granulation method, spray granulation is to form a material curtain in the form of self-granulated particles in the form of return material, which is coated with the sprayed slurry in layers Granulation.

Ammonia granulation is to pass a certain amount of gaseous ammonia in the drum fertilizer granulator machine, continue to neutralize, and generate heat to evaporate and take away part of the water. Its granulation method is mainly reunion granulation.

High tower granulation is to convert the raw material high-temperature melt of the npk fertilizer production line into a melt mixture, throwing from high altitude, and the surface tension causes a spherical shape when scattered. Sieve again. The particles are less likely to agglomerate because they have less moisture when subjected to high temperatures. The materials are fully mixed and the particles are crystal clear. Good looks. However, it is reflected that the material also needs high purity, so the ratio of urea is also relatively high for many high-concentration formulas.

Note: High tower cost is not suitable for frequent replacement of formulas. There are many materials in the process of an npk fertilizer production line. Frequent replacement of formulas will cause higher costs.

The dry powder physical agglomeration method needs to select several dry powders of fertilizer raw materials for metering and mixing, and uses the binder as a cement to granulate in the granulator.