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Choosing fertilizer granulator machine should get rid of these mistakes

In the face of all kinds of fertilizer granulator machines on the market, it is dazzling. How to make the granulator stand out in the market is a headache for every manufacturer, and how to choose the fertilizer granulator machine correctly is a worry for every customer. This article will introduce how to choose fertilizer granulator machine correctly and how to get out of the mistake of purchasing fertilizer granulator machine.

Mistake 1: many users think that fertilizer granulator machine is small power and high output. The idea is not very reasonable. Without enough power, there will be no expected output, which is the law of mechanical equipment operation. The so-called small power and large output of pelletizer is only the boasting data of small enterprises. It is not credible to make an unrealistic promise under the guise of technical innovation.

Mistake 2: Some users blindly compare prices, thinking that the low price of granulators is a purchase desire, which is not correct. The reasonable price is the basis for fertilizer granulator machine manufacturers to guarantee the three guarantees service and accessory tracking of user equipment, which is quality and work. Although the low price has won the market and users, but this is just a repeat of the story of drinking thirst to quench thirst. Not expensive is necessarily good, but the right one should be chosen. The lesson of buying cheap and expensive is very painful, so there must be cooperative development, trust and sincere attitude to choose fertilizer production machine rationally.

Mistake 3: the existence of favor for quality guarantee can restrict the after-sale service of fertilizer granulator machine manufacturer. The idea is not good enough. Businessmen, in business, the pursuit of profit is greater than everything. Once the quality assurance fund is used to restrict the after-sales service of the manufacturer, the profit space will be occupied. Moreover, this kind of distrust will only increase the cracks of cooperation between the manufacturers, and will not exert force on the restriction.

Of course, the purchase of fertilizer granulator machine error is not only these, we just take a more typical case to explain. As for other misunderstandings, you can consult our customer service personnel. We will provide more appropriate solutions according to customers' own situation to help customers get out of the misunderstanding.