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Granulation process in organic fertilizer production line

In a complete set of organic fertilizer production line, granulation is the key process in the whole production process. The productivity of organic fertilizer granulator, the strength and shape of granule produced by the granulator directly affect the quality of the final product.
In many organic fertilizer production enterprises, rotary drum granulator, extrusion granulator and disc granulator are used more frequently. Among the three granulation methods, the disc granulator is more suitable for the granulation of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, and the effect is ideal. The disc granulator is mainly composed of pelletizing disc, spray system, transmission device, bracket, etc.

In the production of disc organic fertilizer granulator, the powder raw material is transported to the pelletizing disc in the disc granulator machine for fertilizer by belt conveyor, and the rotating disc with an inclination of 50 ° rotates with animal material. When the material is brought to a certain height, it will break away from the disc and slide along the arc track under the action of its own gravity and inertia force to complete the rolling required for granulation, and at the same time, the liquid injected into the spray system Spray evenly on the rolling material to make it agglomerate into particles, so as to complete the whole granulation process. According to the principle of this granulation process, we can call it pelletizing process. With the continuous addition of raw materials, the prepared particles fall into the belt conveyor under the action of centrifugal force.

As an old model, the disc granulator has been tested by various materials, but any equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. With the diversification of raw materials, organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers are constantly developing new granulation equipment. In the production of ordinary organic fertilizer, there is a new type of agitating gear granulator, which has high production efficiency and good product quality. In the aspect of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, there is also a new type of compound fertilizer granulator. It is improved on the basis of agitating gear granulator, but it can solve the problem of material sticking on the wall, and the particles produced are also very beautiful. The diversification of raw materials promotes the diversification of organic fertilizer granulation equipment. Only by choosing the equipment suitable for one's own materials can the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment give full play to its efficiency.