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How to match organic fertilizer production line in the farm

Now many aquaculture enterprises are supporting organic fertilizer production machines, but the utilization rate is not very high, and the total feeling of operating cost is too high to reduce the burden on enterprises, and also increase the enterprise expenses. In fact, this problem is quite common. We mainly make equipment. Many people know that fertilizer industry is very profitable. So many breeding enterprises choose large equipment in supporting organic fertilizer production machine and pursue large production. But also ignore a little, the large production represents your consumption also to increase, but their own raw materials do not have so much, it is bound to reduce production, its cost must be high.

How to select the appropriate organic fertilizer production line equipment, how to let the organic fertilizer equipment to solve the problem and increase the benefits. This problem should be considered when you start preparing for the project. You should contact the equipment manufacturer to give comprehensive opinions and the professional equipment design team will complete the overall project planning for you.

First of all, we need to determine that organic fertilizer production line is raw material, and there are many kinds of organic fertilizer raw materials. However, due to many problems of production, it is not suitable for the main raw materials of organic fertilizer. The common raw materials are pig manure, sheep manure, cow manure and other livestock and poultry manure, which is one of the reasons why the breeding enterprises are equipped with organic fertilizer.

After the raw materials are determined, we can choose the equipment of organic fertilizer production line. The selection of different equipment of raw materials is different. For livestock and poultry manure, we mainly recommend two kinds of granulator machine for fertilizer, organic fertilizer granulator and two in one granulator. Then, the production is determined to determine the model of the equipment, and the layout, location and size of the whole workshop can be designed after the model is determined. It is the best to fit yourself. It is the minimum requirement to determine the good equipment according to the production. The appropriate equipment can reduce the additional consumption.