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Granulator for organic fertilizer production line

The bio-organic fertilizer granulator suitable for the organic fertilizer production line can produce bio-organic fertilizer using straw, grass charcoal, lignite and organic fertilizer sludge as raw materials. In the production of fertilizer and feed, the granulator can perform organic fertilizer granulation with animal manure, pig manure, chicken manure and cow dung as the main raw materials; cake fertilizer granulation with bean cake as the main raw material; corn and beans , grass powder and other raw materials for feed, mixed feed granulation; biological crop straw granules with crop straw as raw material.
Granulator for organic fertilizer production line

The granulator has the following advantages in the organic fertilizer production line:
(1) The appearance of the granulator is beautiful, the structure is simple, safe and reliable, the volume is small, the quality is small, and the user can easily use it according to the operation.
(2) In the processing of organic fertilizer particles, the granulator has strong anti-overload capability, stable operation and reliable quality.
(3) The granulator can be used in one machine. The machine is not only used to produce bio-organic fertilizer in the production line, but also to produce feed, which solves the problem of idleness of one machine.
(4) The organic fertilizer granulator has small power and high output, and is a small and medium-sized ideal equipment for biological fertilizer plants, feed plants, agricultural and pastoral plants, and sewage treatment plants.
(5) The organic fertilizer granulator has many models. Customers can customize the model granulator according to the situation and the manufacturer.