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How to maintain fertilizer granulation machine

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the granulator in the fertilizer granulating production line, it is necessary to maintain the fertilizer granulation machine regularly, according to the structure characteristics and production experience of the granulator. The operator should operate according to the operating state of the granulator and operate it promptly when there is a problem in the field.

Fertilizer granulation machine
Roller press granulator uses a normal temperature process to produce granules with low energy consumption and is a small granulation equipment. The raw material of the roller extrusion fertilizer granulation production line has wide adaptability and simple process flow. Powdered fertilizer is placed at the entrance of the hopper of the granulator. The powder is pressed into a sheet by the rolls between the two rolls, and then the material is sent to a crusher to be broken into a granular form. These fertilizer granules are then transported to the screener for screening to obtain fertilizer granule product.
fertilizer granulation machine roller press granulator

Granulator maintenance and safety precautions
1. Before the granulator is turned on, check the assembly of the granulator correctly, turn on the motor, and check if the running direction is correct. Run the motor and use the granulator after the motor reaches a certain speed. Allow the granulator to run until no material is present in the granulator before parking. The feeding of the granulator is through the feed port in the hopper, according to the production requirements, according to the ability of the granulator itself to process the material per hour, select a certain feed rate. If the fertilizer granulation machine itself has a material handling capacity of 1200 kg/h per hour, the feed rate is 20 kg/min.

2. When the fertilizer granulation machine is blocked, the granulator must be powered off, the motor and other components must be inspected, and the stock in the granulator should be cleaned. Lubrication mainly drives motor. When assembling the driving motor, the bearing is pre-lubricated, but it should be re-lubricated according to the instructions of the motor. During assembly, bearings are pre-lubricated, once a month under normal conditions and once a week under adverse conditions. Daily inspection should focus on checking bearing temperature and regularly carry out the required lubrication.  

3. Adjustment and replacement of rollers in granulator. After long-term use of the two rollers of the roller press granulator, the rollers will eventually become rough and easy to stick, affecting the granulation effect. The round holes on the roll covers can be repaired by grinding again to make the rollers smoother.

4. The fertilizer granulation machine must be powered off for maintenance and inspection. In case of fire operation maintenance, it shall be carried out according to the relevant system of the company.