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How can customized organic fertilizer equipment judge the reliability of quality?

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd thinks that it is nothing more than observing from the surface of fertilizer equipment, judging from the sound law in operation, and judging from the trial processing of organic fertilizer. Another point is the rationality of organic fertilizer production line.

1. Look at the table. Appearance observation of organic fertilizer equipment, fineness of surface treatment, welding treatment, riveting treatment, etc. From the outside, the appearance of the joint is close, and the engagement degree.

2. Listen to it. In the inspection stage of organic fertilizer equipment, the machine can be tested, and the sound judgment during the test is natural, continuous and regular. There are rules naturally, and the equipment reliability is relatively high.
How can customized organic fertilizer equipment judge the reliability of quality?

3. Distinguish its taste. In the production of fertilizer equipment, after the dust remover, there is basically no strange smell in the room, such as the pungent smell of dust generated by the fertilizer granulator. It shows that the environmental protection is good.

4. Look at the product. The two products of organic fertilizer processing, powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer, have particle size standards. The range of particle size difference indicates that the organic fertilizer equipment is relatively reliable.

5. Look at the process. The quality of technology has a great influence on the quality of products.

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