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Production process of organic fertilizer granulation

The organic fertilizer production line consists of eight processes: batching, crushing, granulation, drying, screening, cooling and packaging.

1. Batching process of organic fertilizer production line
The device adopts 5 measuring belt scales, and the computer controls the feeding quantity and proportion. The operator only needs to put the powdery organic raw materials (bacteria added after fermentation), NPK, additives, microelements, etc. into the hopper of the metering belt. The feeding port of the hopper is flush with the ground, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of the workers, but also reduce the secondary conveying process of the raw materials, and the materials evenly enter the granulator to stabilize the granulation state, so to a certain extent, the balling rate is improved, The production cost is reduced.

2. Crushing process of organic fertilizer production line
The vertical crusher is selected for this process. The vertical crusher can crush the large blocks in the raw materials, which has the advantages of good working performance, strong continuity, easy dust removal, etc., and improves the working environment for the granulator.

3. Granulation process of organic fertilizer production line
The selection of fertilizer granulator is very important in the production of organic fertilizer. At present, there are disc, drum, extrusion and other ways in the industry, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of disc granulator are intuitionistic operation, simple control, high pelletizing rate, less returned materials, less vulnerable parts of the equipment, and small maintenance. The disadvantages of disc granulator are small processing capacity of single machine. In consideration of appearance quality, energy saving and other aspects, two disc granulators are selected for this process, which are set in parallel.

4. Drying process of organic fertilizer production line
Although most of the granulated materials have formed particles, at this time, the particles have high moisture content and low strength, which can not meet the requirements of packaging and transportation, so they must be dried. Considering that the water content of the system is high when the material is granulated, but the required water content of the finished product is low. Due to the limitation of the material properties, the particle strength from the granulator is small, and the particle damage must be reduced as much as possible during the drying process, and the dryer with large diameter cannot be selected, so the system is equipped with two rotary dryers. In order to avoid the high temperature of the material during discharging, the load of the cooling machine is increased and the cooling effect is affected.

5. Screening process of organic fertilizer production line
The dried materials have the existence of powdery materials and large particles. All the large particles are screened out by the screen machine. The large particles are crushed by the pulverizer and then directly return to the granulator through the return belt conveyor to mix with the raw materials and participate in the granulation again. In this way, a complete production cycle is formed, and the finished product enters the cooling process.

6. Cooling process of organic fertilizer production line
Through the cooling treatment of the rotary cooler, the particle strength is further improved and the moisture content is reduced. In the cooling process, due to the friction between the material and the cylinder wall and the plate, the fine powder will inevitably be produced. Therefore, a roller screen is added at the rear end of the cooler to remove the fine powder and ensure the quality of the finished product. There is very little fine powder in this process, so manual treatment is adopted.

7. Packaging process of organic fertilizer production line
The qualified products are packed by automatic packing machine, which can automatically weigh, place materials and sew bags. The measurement is accurate and the operation is simple, which improves the working efficiency again.