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How do organic fertilizer production machines form a production line

Organic fertilizer will gradually replace other fertilizers and become an essential fertilizer in crop growth. In the production of organic fertilizer, it has been strongly supported by many experts. At the same time, it has also been strongly supported on the equipment. There are special fertilizer production machines and fertilizer production lines in many places to produce better organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer production line is closely related to fertilizer production machinery. Generally, complete sets of equipment for organic fertilizer production line are mainly composed of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system, cooling and drying system, screening system and finished product packaging system.

The whole process of fertilizer production line can be divided into three parts: raw material pretreatment, aerobic fermentation and granulation. The pretreatment of raw materials includes solid-liquid separation, excipient crushing and adjustment of water content, carbon nitrogen ratio and pH value of raw materials. The process of aerobic fermentation includes throwing and ventilation, which can supplement oxygen, control temperature, emit water and recover porosity. Granulation is a systematic project, around the core of fertilizer granulator machine, there are crushing, batching, mixing and other processes before, and drying, screening, cooling and other processes.

The market prospect of organic fertilizer production line is still very considerable. With the continuous development of breeding industry, the market prospect of organic fertilizer is on the rise, because more and more people are concerned about improving the land to increase production and harvest. At present, pollution-free planting is advocated, and the importance of food safety is obvious to all. Now the development of pollution-free planting is the development direction, so the organic fertilizer production line is the general direction of future development.