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Production status of organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer treatment of livestock manure is one of the main ways to solve the pollution of livestock and poultry breeding, that is, to solve the pollution problem through resource utilization, and to alleviate the non-point source pollution caused by chemical fertilizer application by using organic fertilizer. The coordinated development of agricultural production and environmental protection can be realized through the mode of combination of planting and breeding, which greatly promotes the development of organic fertilizer industry of livestock and poultry manure.
Production status of organic fertilizer production line
Enterprises should further improve the production level and publicity of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line. 

One is to improve the production process of the fertilizer production line to save production costs. On the basis of the current production technology and technical level, the production technology will be improved through introduction and study abroad to improve the production efficiency of organic fertilizer for livestock and poultry manure, reduce cost input and increase economic benefits.

The second is to expand the product market. The livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer processing enterprises should actively explore the market, establish cooperative relations with planters, and produce customized organic fertilizers, highlight the advantages of organic fertilizers in agricultural production, and realize the value of organic fertilizer products.

The third is to increase the promotion of organic fertilizer for livestock and poultry manure. As a substitute for chemical fertilizers, organic manure fertilizers play a very important role in alleviating agricultural non-point source pollution and improving the quality of agricultural products. Enterprises that process organic manure fertilizers should increase publicity accordingly to expand the market and increase product sales. .