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How much equipment and people are needed for small-scale organic fertilizer production line?

Small scale organic fertilizer production line equipment factory needs organic fertilizer equipment: organic fertilizer fermentation compost turning machine, high humidity material crusher, horizontal mixer, granulator machine for fertilizer, dryer, cooler, screening machine, packaging machine, coating machine, conveyor. Forklift, dehydrator and other equipment are also selected according to the situation. Of course, according to the form of organic fertilizer, choosing powder organic fertilizer processing plant, the equipment investment is much smaller.

1. A complete small-scale organic fertilizer production line needs about 10 workers for 10000 tons and 15 workers for 30000 tons.

2. Equipment investment: the equipment of small-scale powdery organic fertilizer production line can be won with 100000 yuan, and 300000 yuan is needed for 30000 tons.

3. For the raw materials required by the organic fertilizer production line, the production line with 10000 tons of manure needs about 15000 tons, and the auxiliary materials are added according to the proportion. The 30000 ton production line needs about 45000 tons of allowance, and auxiliary materials are added according to the proportion. Compared with the investment of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan in equipment, the investment in plant construction of small-scale organic fertilizer production line plant is relatively large. The reason lies in the construction of organic fertilizer plant: fermentation workshop, raw material storage site, processing workshop, warehouse, office dormitory, etc. On the whole, the construction land is not less than 5-8 mu.