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How to use organic fertilizer production machine correctly! How to maintain!

According to the reaction of some organic fertilizer plants, some problems frequently appear in the equipment, such as some mechanical positions can't rotate normally, some parts are easy to be damaged, and even some parts are not easy to be damaged. How do these problems appear and how to solve them!

All fertilizer machine manufacturers and all machinery and equipment can not guarantee that there will be no problems after leaving the factory, but we can greatly reduce the frequency of these problems through correct use, repair and maintenance, so as to reduce our time and material losses.
How to use organic fertilizer production machine correctly! How to maintain!
Many people may feel that equipment problems are not directly related to raw materials. This idea is wrong. Many equipment problems are caused by raw materials. For example: if raw materials are not pure and mixed with stones, plastics, iron and other impurities, the equipment will be damaged or even scrapped. If stones are encountered in the operation of the chain plate compost turning machine, the blade on the chain plate and the chain plate will be damaged. Our pulverizer and granulator are high-speed operation equipment, when there is something particularly hard to enter, it is easy to damage the blade, blade and inner wall of the equipment. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it is more likely to cause irreparable damage or even equipment scrap.

A lot of problems, the operation of the factory is very normal, but why the factory technicians left, the organic fertilizer production machine will continue to appear all kinds of problems! The first thing to say is to standardize the use of some equipment. Some equipment need to be idled before feeding. Some equipment need to be started step by step with other equipment. For example, organic fertilizer granulator and pulverizer all need to be started in idling after the later equipment is running. In this way, the blockage caused by material accumulation can be avoided. The drum type drying cylinder needs to be preheated in advance. If the cylinder is fed without preheating, it is easy to cause the phenomenon that the moisture of the material will not evaporate.