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How to increase the long-term development of the organic fertilizer equipment industry

 Many organic fertilizer equipment companies develop a certain technology and sales strategy, often on a whim, imagination, think more, do the effect is not ideal. All said that any organic fertilizer equipment price research and development and sales are based on reality, fabrication, out of the market is just empty joy. Conduct a detailed analysis of the market, understand the market demand, and then work out the corresponding development plan. Organic fertilizer production line equipment is to follow such a research and development process, based on this concept of the plan to better meet the requirements of users, put into the market with the fastest speed to conquer the market, sustainable development. Changwei organic fertilizer production equipment design and R & D personnel first work is not in the office to work hard, but to do a lot of research in the market. For example, simple and fashionable organic fertilizer production equipment is the most popular consumer demand.

In addition to unique skills, the equipment itself is also very small, can be operated in any environment, coupled with a simple operation process, organic fertilizer equipment is welcomed by enterprises of different sizes, becoming the highest sales in the industry, the most widely used equipment. Organic fertilizer production equipment needs the spirit of seeking truth from facts, integrating, combining high-tech achievements with actual market demand, improving the overall level of equipment, and complying with market demand, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market one day. As an enterprise, interests are always the pursuit, so for higher interests, faster development, will choose the best, most suitable for their own development of equipment, so if the organic fertilizer equipment can not bring benefits to customers, but the enterprise self-created self-thought can increase sales, that is contrary to the market.
The equipment included in an organic fertilizer production line includes: fermentation tipping machine, pulverizer, blanking machine, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, weighing and packaging machine. This set of organic fertilizer production line can be used to produce granular organic fertilizer and powdered organic fertilizer. For example, the annual output is 10 million tons of organic fertilizer, and the equipment investment of an organic fertilizer production line is about 300000-450000. The annual output of organic fertilizer is 80000-100000 tons, and the equipment investment of organic fertilizer production line is about 150000-200000.