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How to maintain and repair the manure and organic fertilizer treatment equipment

How to maintain and repair the manure and organic fertilizer treatment equipment? The emergence of the manure and organic fertilizer treatment equipment is not only environmentally friendly, but also can effectively solve problems. It is inevitable that some small failures will occur in the process of use. How to repair and maintain the equipment when it fails.

The manure and organic fertilizer treatment equipment is relatively complex in structure and has many components. If the same fault occurs, the causes may be different. Therefore, in the process of troubleshooting, attention should be paid to comprehensive and careful inspection to ensure that the problem can be effectively and reasonably solved. In addition, in order to reduce the failure rate, attention should be paid to the maintenance before normal use to extend the overall service life of the equipment.

When in use, connect the sewage pipe of the pig house with the septic tank. When the septic tank is full, start the layered mixer to mix evenly, and then let it stand for a period of time to ferment and layer. Then open the control valve on the pipeline to discharge the sewage into the sewage filtration equipment. After the sewage is filtered by the primary, secondary and tertiary filtration units in sequence, clean and clear reclaimed water is obtained, which can be recycled for cleaning the pig house, It can also be used in other places where reclaimed water can be used. The filter residues in the filter units at all levels are discharged through the first and second blowdown pipes and transported to the septic tank for the production of pig manure organic fertilizer, so that pig manure can be effectively utilized and a lot of water can be saved.

Secondly, in order to reduce the probability of equipment failure, there are some matters that need to be paid attention to in the process of using the fecal sewage organic fertilizer treatment equipment, because a little attention may lead to its failure, thus affecting the processing effect. For example, the pH value of the material to be treated must be between 6 and 9. Partial acid or partial alkali will affect the normal growth of the biofilm.

Finally, it should be noted that its hole must be covered to avoid accidents. Large solid substances cannot enter the equipment to avoid blocking the pipeline and orifice and causing damage to the water pump. For the fan of the equipment, the oil shall be changed frequently, and the air inlet of the fan shall be unblocked.

After knowing how to maintain and repair the manure treatment equipment, we can make rational use of the manure treatment equipment, reduce the occurrence of faults and extend the service life of the machine.