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The role of crawler tipper in the operation of organic fertilizer production line

Crawler type organic fertilizer compost turner is a kind of tipping equipment in organic manure production, full hydraulic operating system, pull rod steering wheel operation, crawler type walking, durable, strong power, advanced technology, large output, strong tipping ability, hydraulic lifting adjustment of tipping roller, high degree of automation, simple operation and easy to master. It is a professional dumping equipment for converting organic materials into organic fertilizer by oxygen consumption fermentation.
The crawler type organic fertilizer compost turner has the following characteristics:

1. The steering wheel is hydraulically balanced to keep the whole machine stable during operation, and the phenomenon of incomplete overturning will not occur.

2. By using the transmission shaft system, the turning speed can be adjusted, and the V-belt drive is eliminated.

3. The tipping shaft can be raised and lowered hydraulically, and the tipping can be carried out at high and low speed according to the moisture content of materials.

4. Pull rod operation in place 360 ° turn, save space and cost.

5. The material pushing plate is installed at the front, which can make the material pile even and improve the speed and quality of pile turning.

6. The clutch adopts soft drive, eliminating iron to iron clutch, extending the service life of equipment shaft, chain and bearing.