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Improving the pelletizing rate of disc granulator by fertilizer manufacturer

Disc granulation process is simple and relatively cheap. In the organic fertilizer production line, most customers will choose disc granulator. How to improve the pelletizing rate of disc granulator has always been a concern of customers, so how to improve the pelletizing rate of disc granulator? What matters should disc granulator pay attention to when processing organic fertilizer?

Improving the pelletizing rate of disc granulator by fertilizer manufacturer

Control the moisture content of granulating particles

In the production process of fertilizer granulator, how to preliminarily test the particle water quantity? A simple and practical method, hand feeling method: grasp a ball of materials from the disc granulator, and the hand can form a ball. It is appropriate to release it with a touch of a finger. The grain thus made has high yield and is not easy to block the screen surface.

Strictly control the quality of powder fertilizer

According to the formula of organic fertilizer, carefully control the quality of various raw materials.
Iron block, stone larger than 10 mm and wood block larger than 10 mm are strictly prohibited for raw material discharging and feeding. Rice bran and sand can't have many quality indexes either, which seriously results in low yield.

Key technology of operating disc granulator

Do well in operator's technical training of disc granulator, improve workers' technical quality and operation skills.

Select the nozzle of disc granulator and adjust the nozzle

Generally, B-type spherical screw or B1 type rudimentary spiral nozzle is the best choice for disc feeder.
According to hydrodynamics, it has been proved that the larger the pressure is, the smaller the through hole is, and the larger the droplet diffusion surface is. Under the same pressure, the spray hole of the nozzle is small and the droplet density is small; the spray hole is large and the droplet density is large.

A new type of blade in the disc of the reformed disc granulator

Good blade, even and beautiful grain size, blade material must be 16m, blade is divided into front blade and rear blade, there is no gap between the two blades.