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Machine method for processing organic fertilizer in large scale pig farm

Large scale pig farms have a large amount of pig manure discharged from the pens every day. If it is not handled in time, it will pollute the surrounding farmland, rivers and air, and cause the phenomenon of burning seedlings. There will also be pathogenic bacteria and insect eggs that harm crops. The method of using pig manure as organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer production machine is as follows:

1. Adjust the ratio of carbon to nitrogen. Adding crop straw to pig manure, adjusting the ratio of carbon to nitrogen to 25:1, increasing aeration, is conducive to complete fermentation.

2. Prepare microbial agents. Select high-quality microbial agent, add bran, rice bran, corn flour, etc. in the ratio of 1:5, mix and reserve.

organic fertilizer production machine
3. Control the size of the dunghill. The site with cement floor, cement tank or soil pit covered with agricultural film should be selected for fermentation treatment. The width and length of the manure pile should be greater than 2m and 1.5-2m respectively. Manure pile is too low, too short, slow fermentation, should be avoided as far as possible.

4. Temperature and humidity control of pig manure fermentation. Fermentation can be carried out all the year round. In the low temperature season, it can be carried out indoors or in a special greenhouse, and the minimum temperature is above 15 ℃. If the temperature exceeds 70-75 ℃, the nutrients will volatilize. It needs to be turned over immediately. Keeping the temperature at about 65 ℃ is the best way for fermentation.
The humidity of pig manure is suitable for holding it into a ball and dispersing it on the ground. Too low or too high water content is not conducive to normal fermentation. If it's too dry, add water to make it. If it is too wet, it can be dried before fermentation, or add appropriate straw to adjust the humidity to 60-65%.

5. Check the degree of fermentation. Different seasons, the length of fermentation time is different, generally 5-7 days to complete the fermentation treatment, this time the temperature has dropped to normal temperature.

6. Organic fertilizer processing. After pig manure is fully fermented and crushed by organic fertilizer crusher, it is powdered organic fertilizer. In order to produce granular organic fertilizer, special granulator machine for fertilizer, screening machine, dryer and other equipment are needed to improve the quality of organic fertilizer.
If there is no microbial agent, it can be fermented with corn flour and made by local method to achieve the purpose of decomposing pig manure. The organic fertilizer made successfully has no peculiar smell and can be stored in bags.