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What machines are needed during the straw composting process?

Straw is a common waste crop. If it is burned, it will seriously affect air quality, so the best way is to make it into organic fertilizer with other waste, which not only avoids air pollution problems, but also makes better use of it. Resources can be said to serve two purposes.
organic fertilizer production line
In the process of composting organic fertilizer from straw and other plant residues, the organic fertilizer production line equipment used in the pre-treatment stage includes: drum screening machine and organic fertilizer semi-wet material crusher. Drum screening machine can remove non-fermented foreign matter such as mud, metal, batteries, etc. Organic fertilizer semi-wet material crusher crushes plant residues, which can increase the air permeability and contact area of the material, and can also adjust moisture and C / N. After processing, the material pile can be quickly heated and fermented to avoid insufficient oxygen supply in the early stage;

The main fermentation stage mainly uses high-temperature fermentation to kill pathogenic bacteria, eggs and weed seeds to avoid bringing them into the soil, which endangers the soil and plant growth. However, with the long-term decomposition and decomposition, the oxygen inside the heap gradually decreases, and the temperature is increasing It is easy to inactivate the beneficial fermentation bacteria, you need to use a mobile stacker to turn the pile to promote oxygen, promote the evaporation of excess water, and reduce the temperature;
Post-fermentation is that the main fermentation product further changes to relatively stable organic matter such as humic acid, to a fully mature fermentation product, it can be left to simmer and decompose. For individuals and small-scale farms, the above fertilizer production equipment can basically meet environmental protection inspections;

For some large-scale farms and fertilizer manufacturers, post-processing and compounding processes are also needed, mainly by means of supporting equipment of organic fertilizer production line, such as batching machines, fertilizer granulator, dryers, coating machines, packaging machines, etc. For the subsequent operation process, please contact us if you want to know more about the organic fertilizer production line process and equipment parameters.