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Main components of NPK fertilizer production line

NPK fertilizer production line equipment process: fertilizer batching system, mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine.

Main components of NPK fertilizer production line:

1. Crushing part
In view of the diversity of raw materials for users, therefore, our compound fertilizer production line equipment, designed the crushing part. In the process of equipment sales, we found that many users' raw materials are relatively dry chicken manure or pig manure, and some users even mix some other materials to reduce the production cost of organic fertilizer. We know that materials with too large diameter can not be directly granulated. Therefore, before granulating, we need to crush the raw materials to achieve the effect of granulating. Only after crushing can the materials enter the granulator. Of course, users with enough fineness of materials can omit this link when designing organic fertilizer equipment.
Main components of NPK fertilizer production line
2. Drying part
The premise of granulated machine-made particles is that the humidity of materials should be controlled below 25%. Therefore, for some raw materials with initial humidity above 25%, they should enter the drying process first, and then enter the granulated machine-made particles after the drying materials reach the corresponding humidity. Of course, if the material humidity is enough, this link can be omitted in the design of organic fertilizer equipment.

3. Granulator part

The core of the equipment of npk fertilizer production line is granulation, so the fertilizer granulator machine is essential. The model selection of the granulator depends on the time output of the user.

4. Other parts

In NPK fertilizer production line, after the granulated organic fertilizer particles reach the spherical shape. For the users who have demand, we will design a packaging link at the end, and directly package the final product, which has realized the automatic production of the whole production line equipment.