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Fertilizer granulator machine of NPK fertilizer production line

The fertilizer granulator machine of NPK fertilizer production line adopts the way of wet granulation to granulate fertilizer particles. In the fertilizer granulator machine, a certain amount of water or steam is used to make the basic fertilizer react fully after being humidified in the cylinder. Under certain liquid-phase conditions, with the help of the rotating motion of the cylinder, the extrusion pressure between the material particles is generated to agglomerate into a ball.
Fertilizer granulator machine of NPK fertilizer production line
Advantages of fertilizer granulator machine in NPK fertilizer production line

1. The structure of fertilizer granulator machine is compact and energy-saving: each part of pelletizer is arranged compactly without any small parts. In addition, our fertilizer granulator adopts energy-saving design to save production cost for you.

2. The wide application of fertilizer granulator machine: it is not only suitable for NPK fertilizer production line, but also for various organic fertilizer particles made of different organic wastes.

3. High particle quality: the outstanding feature of the granulator of NPK fertilizer production line is high granulation rate. At the same time, the particles are dense. In other words, particles are not easy to be broken in transportation. At the same time, high quality and beautiful organic fertilizer particles are produced.

4. In the process of NPK fertilizer production line, the problem of dust is well handled and the surrounding environment is not polluted.

5. The equipment adopts the drying process of low temperature and large air volume, which can produce organic, inorganic and biological bacterial fertilizer.