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The way to make organic fertilizer granulator machine more durable

Organic fertilizer granulators are all made. They don't think. They only act according to people's operations. They are also tired, they will age, and various failures will occur. The aging and deformation are the most prone to occur of the fertilizer granulator machine, then how to solve and defend against this situation? The following three points should be noted:

1. Anti-deformation. Springs, drive belts, long shanks, tires, etc., may be plastically deformed due to prolonged stress or improper placement. For this purpose, proper support should be provided under the frame; the tires are not subjected to load; all mechanically pressed or pulled The spring must be loosened; the belt must be removed and stored indoors; some of the easily deformable parts such as the long pole should be flattened or hung vertically; and the removed parts such as tires, seed tubes, etc. should be prevented from being crushed during storage. .

2. Anti-lost. For long-term parking equipment, a registration card shall be established, detailing the technical status, attachments, spare parts, tools, etc. of the equipment; all kinds of equipment shall be kept by special personnel; it is strictly forbidden to disassemble parts for other purposes; if there is no warehouse, when the equipment is parked outdoors, The easy-to-drop parts such as the motor and the drive belt should be removed and marked and stored indoors.

3. Anti-aging. Rubber or plastic products are susceptible to aging and deterioration due to the action of oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, which deteriorates the elasticity of the rubber member and is easily broken. For the storage of rubber parts, it is best to use hot paraffin oil on the rubber surface, put it on the indoor shelf, cover it with paper, keep it ventilated, dry and not exposed to direct sunlight.
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