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Organic fertilizer production line production process

Organic fertilizers have comprehensive nutrient and long-lasting balanced fertilizer effects, which can improve soil structure, improve soil fertility, promote soil nutrient release, and supply crop nutrients, especially for the development of organic agriculture, green agriculture and pollution-free agriculture. Understanding the production process of organic fertilizer is very important to the manufacturer. Let's take a look at the production process.


Organic fertilizer production process:
1. Mix and ferment the strain with the fermented raw material, and use a turner to turn the pile during the fermentation.

2. After decomposing, the mature raw materials are crushed, sieved and then passed through a hoist to the granulation workshop.

3. The organic fertilizer is mixed into the fertilizer granulator machine for granulation after being mixed by the raw material premixer.

4. Next, the organic fertilizer after granulation enters the threshing equipment for rounding.

5. The rounded particles pass through the conveyor belt to the drying cylinder.

6. The dried granules are then cooled by a conveyor belt to a cooling cylinder.

7. The dust generated during the drying and cooling process is diverted by the air entering the dust removal device.

8. The cooled particles are then transported by the conveyor to the dispersing equipment.

9. The dispersed organic fertilizer granules then pass through the conveyor belt to the quantitative packaging equipment for packaging, and become the finished organic fertilizer.

There are many types of organic fertilizer production equipment in the above process, such as granulation, including disc granulation equipment, drum granulation equipment, extrusion centrifugal granulation equipment and the like. When selecting equipment, organic fertilizer plants should consider their own plant size, estimated annual constants, raw material types, etc., and choose the right equipment for the purpose, and ensure the benefits of organic fertilizer plants.