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Modern farms have greatly improved the processing technology of organic fertilizer for livestock manure

Livestock manure organic fertilizer industry, like other fertilizer industries, has certain seasonality and regionality. The development of the industry is extremely dependent on the development level of agriculture and the overall economy. Areas with high economic development level pay more attention to food safety, and the demand for organic fertilizer increases year by year; In areas with developed agriculture, farmers are more clear about the benefits brought by the application of organic fertilizer, and are more willing to apply more environmentally friendly organic fertilizer, so as to achieve the purpose of land virtuous cycle and develop sustainable agriculture. In recent years, in order to meet the demand for high quality and high yield of crop planting, the application proportion and amount of organic fertilizer will be greatly increased.

Modern farms have greatly improved the treatment process of livestock and poultry fecal sewage. For example, the farms adopt the treatment method of acidification + high-speed filter + biological oxidation pond. The natural precipitation method is designed to separate the solid and liquid of fecal sewage first, and the precipitated solid is composted after adjusting the water, adding fertilizer components, The liquid part is subject to anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment through a regulating acidification tank and two series high-speed biological filters. The treated sewage enters the biological oxidation pond for further degradation and storage for farmland irrigation.

The trough organic fertilizer dumper has reasonable overall structure, good rigidity, balanced stress, simplicity, firmness, safe and reliable performance, easy operation and strong applicability to the site. Except for the thick frame, the parts are standard parts, which is convenient for use and maintenance.