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Buy pig manure organic fertilizer equipment. Tank organic fertilizer dumper is required for fermentation of organic fertilizer

Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment the key point of making pig manure organic fertilizer is fermentation, and the first step of using pig manure organic fertilizer equipment is fermentation. Compost fermentation is widely used in pig manure organic fertilizer production line.

The trough organic fertilizer dumper is suitable for fermentation materials with dry raw materials or light specific gravity. Compared with the ground type, the tank type fermentation dumper occupies a small area and has a high degree of standardization. According to the span of fermentation tank, it can be divided into 2 ~ 20m models. There are a variety of tank tipping, including reciprocating, chain plate, spiral, etc. organic fertilizer production enterprises can select appropriate tipping equipment according to their annual production capacity. It is recommended to select the trough stacker with a span of less than 4 meters with a hydraulic lifting system. Otherwise, if the water content of raw materials is high, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the stacker operation and fermentation! For the fermentation tank without ventilation pipe at the bottom, a small hole can be left every 1.5m below the bottom of the tank. Aperture 12 × 12 cm. It is convenient for oxygen and drainage when turning the pile.

When buying organic fertilizer dumper, you must choose the appropriate dumper. The tipping machine adopts variable frequency speed regulating walking system, which can well adapt to the change of working load. The traveling system of the tipping machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, has good adaptability to different materials, runs stably, has high tipping efficiency and can carry out deep tank operation. The cow manure organic fertilizer tipping machine can effectively shorten the fermentation cycle and improve the production efficiency and product quality. The pig manure dumper can flexibly adjust the walking speed according to the material resistance, so that the equipment has stronger adaptability and flexibility.