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How to operate the whole set of fertilizer granulation processing equipment

When fertilizer granulation equipment is used to produce fertilizer, attention should be paid to the operation norms so as to make the whole fertilizer production line run normally and improve economic benefits. Correct operation can reduce the failure of fertilizer production and prolong the life of fertilizer equipment.

The equipment should be inspected before the fertilizer equipment is driven. The main items of the fertilizer granulation processing equipment are:

1. Whether foreign bodies fall into the equipment or not;

2. Whether the parts of the whole fertilizer granulation production line are flexible or not, and whether the equipment has a stuck phenomenon;

3. Whether the connection parts of fertilizer production line are firm or not;

4. There is no leakage or oil leakage in the fertilizer granulation processing equipment. If there is a fault, it should be eliminated in time.

5. Whether the gears of fertilizer production machines have lubricating oil or not;

6. Whether the belt tension of fertilizer transmission equipment is appropriate;

7. In the fertilizer granulation processing equipment, whether the pulverizer hammer, the granulator die and the pressure roller need to be replaced;

8. Whether the screener specifications of fertilizer screening equipment meet the requirements.
fertilizer granulation processing equipment

The operation sequence of fertilizer granulation equipment is to close the main switch of power supply first, and then put the switch of each system into the working position. After all the preparatory work is completed, the control room attendant determines the entry number of each material, first starts the dust removal fan, and then turns on the switches according to the processing sequence.

The start-up sequence of fertilizer granulation processing equipment is from the back end to the front end of the production line, starting in turn, and closing in reverse order. The mixing system can choose two control modes, manual and automatic. Manual mixing can be carried out according to the formula and mixing time. Automatic weighing and accurate batching are carried out by computer. The granulation system of fertilizer granulation is operated by a special control cabinet.

In the process of fertilizer granulation, operators should pay attention to all kinds of signal lights on the analog screen. If the batching bin sends out empty or full signal, they should inform the feeding in time. The staff should operate the computer and its auxiliary devices correctly according to the production arrangement of the fertilizer granulation production line. When operating the feeding device of crusher and fertilizer granulator, the main motor should be guaranteed to work under rated current without blocking. Various trace elements are proportionally and quantitatively injected into the mixer. The input signals are given by the control room and put into the mixer in time.