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Production technology of mixed straw manure organic fertilizer by flat die granulator

Flat-die granulator is a kind of bio-organic fertilizer production equipment. It uses organic fertilizer production technology to make manure and straw into organic fertilizer granules. The organic fertilizer equipment solves the utilization problem of a large number of agricultural straw, and has a good granulation effect for this kind of raw materials.

Production Technology of Straw and Manure Mixed Organic Fertilizer
The raw material of the organic fertilizer granulator is made by fermentation. Straw and livestock manure are mixed and composted. A proper amount of water and starter is added to the material. The material is stirred by the compost turner to regulate the oxygen of the fermentation product.
flat die granulator organic fertilizer production line

Organic Fertilizer Production of Flat Die Granulator
(1) Raw material ratio of flat die granulator:
Because of the insufficient viscosity of straw after composting and the low forming rate of granular fertilizer made by granulator, carbon powder and clay are mixed into raw materials to ensure the formation and storage of organic fertilizer. Carbon powder accounts for 15% and clay for 5%.

(2) The structure of flat-die granulator:
a. Flat-die granulator adopts the heating forming technology of flat-die multi-layer holes. The roller shaft is designed in the middle of the die plate. The roller shaft is symmetrically mounted with double numbers of rollers according to the number of working die plates, so that the action force and reaction force are offset each other. The roller shaft mainly bears radial torque.

b. Modular die plate is designed outside the press wheel of the flat-die granulator, which can be replaced according to different operation requirements and is convenient for maintenance and use. The modular die plate is designed with a corresponding number of holes, inside square and outside circular, which can reduce the resistance and avoid unnecessary work. At the same time, the quality of straw forming can be improved.

c. Flat-die granulator is usually equipped with round throwing device in flat die organic fertilizer production line. The circular throwing machine makes the formed particles more smooth and not easy to crush, thus realizing the continuous running of the fertilizer production line.