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Which organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer is better?

Many people now want to invest in organic fertilizer production line, but don’t know how to choose an organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, don’t know which organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer is better. Now, let the manufacturers of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers give you a brief introduction.
organic fertilizer equipment
We have summarized the following for your reference.
1. Look at the products: The two products of organic fertilizer processing, powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer, have particle size standards. The size of the particle size is within the range of differences, which indicates that the organic fertilizer equipment is more reliable.

2. Distinguish its taste: In the production of fertilizer equipment, after passing through the dust collector, there is basically no strange smell in the room, such as the pungent smell of granulated dust, which indicates that it is environmentally friendly.

3. Look at the table: Observe the appearance of organic fertilizer equipment; look at the fineness of surface treatment, welding treatment, riveting treatment, etc. When viewed from the outside, the look and feel at the junction is tight and the degree of engagement.

4. Look at the process: the quality of the process has a great impact on the quality of the product. Listen to the sound: The organic fertilizer equipment inspection phase can test the machine, the sound judgment during the test, whether it is natural and continuous, regular. Naturally, the equipment is relatively reliable.

Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer service commitment:
Pre-sale service: According to your raw materials and annual output requirements, formulate equipment configuration suitable for your production line, and provide you with plans such as plant planning and process design.

Sale service: Accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment, and assist in the formulation of civil, electrical and other construction plans.

After-sales service: The company sends technical personnel to the site to guide equipment installation, commissioning and pre-job training for operators.

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