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The organic fertilizer industry under industrialization

Due to the long-term use of chemical fertilizers in cultivated land, the input of organic fertilizer is insufficient, the application rate is decreasing year by year, and the soil organic matter content is declining. The use of organic fertilizers is shrinking, which is largely related to the backwardness of traditional organic fertilizer production methods and the inability to adapt to the development of modern agriculture and commodity economy. Therefore, the fundamental way out for reforming the processing mechanism and use of traditional organic fertilizer is to realize the industrial production and commercialization of organic fertilizer.


Since the "Sixth Five-Year Plan", China has invested a large amount of money, and has made great progress in the research on the effect and mechanism of organic fertilizer. However, there are few studies on the industrialization and production technology of organic fertilizer production line. Therefore, in order to improve the industrial production efficiency of organic fertilizer production line and ensure the quality of organic fertilizer products, the basic research and application research of organic fertilizer should be further strengthened to meet the actual needs of production and solve the technical problems faced in the process of industrialization. Take active measures in the following areas:
(1) Using advanced fertilizer granulator and fertilizer technology to produce products with good physical properties, in order to overcome the shortcomings of poor appearance and low level, and improve the quality of products.

(2) Develop organic and inorganic compound fertilizers, improve nutrient content, enhance quick-acting properties, and exert the characteristics of quick-acting and long-acting combination.

(3) Inoculation of microbial preparations to develop bio-organic fertilizers.

(4) Strictly implement the quality standards of organic fertilizer products, establish brand awareness, and form scale effects. With the development of modern high-tech biotechnology and the continuous improvement of granulation production technology, it has created favorable conditions for the organic fertilizer industry.

In addition, the government publicizes, plans and guides the development of organic fertilizer industrialization, gives more policy support and technical support, establishes and improves quality supervision mechanisms, regulates circulation and sales markets, combats counterfeit and shoddy products, and forms a good market order. The healthy development of the fertilizer industry has a positive effect.