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Introduction of pig manure granulation production line and granulation process

The general organic fertilizer production line complete sets of equipment mainly consists of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system, cooling and drying system, screening system and finished packaging system.
pig manure organic fertilizer production line
Pig manure granulation production line process: fermentation turner - pulverizer equipment - mixer equipment – fertilizer granulator - dryer - cooling machine - sieving machine - automatic packaging, intermediate belt conveyor connection. The output is different, and the product models are different.

Maintenance and maintenance of pig manure granulation production line:
Regular maintenance and maintenance of the granulation line during use is very important. Proper use and regular maintenance of the equipment can extend the life of the equipment for 3-5 years.
1. Keep the machine clean for a long time; when it is stopped for a long time, it must have anti-rust and anti-pollution measures for the machine.
2. Strictly put the raw materials into the gate, and do not allow any metal and other impurities to be mixed into the material to enter the machine for mixing and extrusion, so as not to damage the machine. The feed hopper should be closed when the machine is not in production to prevent debris from entering the screw working area.
3. The main reducer and the feeding device reducer should check the cleanliness of the internal oil regularly. The new machine should be replaced once after 50 hours of operation. If it is found that the lubricating oil is seriously polluted after normal production, it should be replaced.
4. When the unit is running, it is necessary to lubricate the parts to be lubricated.
5. In case of special circumstances, it is necessary to stop for a long time (such as power failure). The residual material in the machine should be cleaned up in time to prevent the polymer from being cooled and solidified and difficult to remove, which will affect the next production.
6. Regularly clean the scale at each cooling water interface of the unit (some water impurities are more, easy to accumulate) to avoid poor cooling effect or affect temperature control accuracy due to blockage.
7. The electrical control cabinet should be cleaned once a month to avoid short circuit faults.