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Organic fertilizer production line equipment speeds up fertilizer production

The complete set of organic fertilizer production line equipment greatly shortens the time for animal manure to become organic fertilizer, and improves the efficiency of waste harmless treatment and resource utilization. Animal manure enters the mixing machine through the organic fertilizer production line equipment, and undergoes continuous heating and mixing. After the fermentation is complete, the black powdery organic fertilizer is produced.
organic fertilizer production line
Fermentation process of chicken manure in organic fertilizer production line equipment

The moisture content of the raw materials of the mixed fertilizer and organic fertilizer is controlled at about 40%-50%, and then the bacteria are mixed with the jade water surface, sprinkled on the surface of the fertilizer, and the raw materials are evenly loaded into the mixer by hand to pulverize and stir. When the fertilizer is stirred and crushed by organic fertilizer production machine, the moisture content should be controlled. Generally, the water content does not exceed 40%-45%. Too much or too little water will affect the quality of fermentation, so it is best to knead the fat with your hands and see the water in the seams, but do not drip, just let it go. Stir evenly, thoroughly, and fluffy without leaving any lumps.

The organic compost pile is 1.5-2 meters wide and 0.3-0.4 meters high, covered with straw curtains or sack pieces for aerobic fermentation. Generally speaking, the temperature rises to 50°C within 24 hours. The temperature can rise to 60-70°C within 48 hours. During the fermentation process, high temperature can remove all pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs and grass seeds. According to the organic fertilizer production test, the composting time is generally 6 days in spring, summer and autumn, and 7 days in winter. When the manure is covered with white mycelium, that is, it all rots, then it can be dried and sieved. So far, the production method of organic fertilizer in the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line has been completed.