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The production line process of a complete set of organic fertilizer production machines for pig manure

The production line of pig manure organic fertilizer production machine includes crushing process, screening process, granulation process, drying, cooling process, particle screening process and finally to the packaging process, which is connected with a belt conveyor during the process.

organic fertilizer production machine

The production line process of a complete set of organic fertilizer production machines for pig manure

1. Stacking of ground strips, using a ground compost machine, or feeding materials in a fermentation tank, using a tank type compost turning machine

2. Evenly sprinkle the fungicide, turn the pile of fermentation to achieve heating, odor, rot, and kill mixed fungus grass seeds

3. Fermentation for 7-12 days, how many times the piles are turned according to different temperatures in different places

4. After the organic fertilizer material is fermented and decomposed, it is pulverized by a semi-wet material pulverizer, and then screened through a drum screen. The coarse material is sieved out and then fermented, and the fine material is granulated. The appearance of the granules is more beautiful and the granulation rate is higher.

5. After the fermentation material (moisture content is 35%) is blended by a mixer, it is passed through granulator machine for fertilizer, and then dried by an organic fertilizer dryer, cooled by a cooler, and screened by a drum sieving machine. It is unqualified The products are then returned to the mixer. The qualified products pass through the coating machine, and the powder machine can be coated with calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements, and the finished products can be passed through the packaging machine through the silo.

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