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Organic fertilizer production line protection measures

 In the process of producing the organic fertilizer ,if you don't take  a good measure to product the machine may cause the machine broken quickly and reduce the life span.So we should take a right measure to product it.
Today,we give to you these ways to protect the machine.
1.The bearing in the organic fertilizer production  equipment bears the full load of the machine,so the outstanding lubrication has great relationship with the bearing life.
2.Lubricating oil directly affects the severices life and operating rate of organic fertilizer production equipment.Therefore,it is necessary to clean the lubricating oil required for cleaning.The sealing is necessary.The primary oil filling part of the machine is rolling bearing,rolligbearing all gears moving bearings,sliding flat.
3.The new equipment's tires are prone to loosening and it is necessary to check frequently.
4.We should always pay attention to the operation of the various parts of the various parts of the machine is not normal.
5.Pay attenetion to the degree of wearable parts and keep an eye on replacing worn parts.
6.The bottom frame of the equipment of the organic fertilizer  production line equipment should be free of dust and other debirs to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the chassis when the machin encounters materials that cannot be broken,resulting in serious accidents.