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How to solve the rust problem of the organic fertilizer equipment?

Easily solve the problem that the organic fertilizer processing equipment is easy to rust on rainy days.It is important that how to avoid rusting in organic fertilizer processing equipment on rainy days?When there is a lot of rain,the equipment user will store the organic fertilizer equipment in the designated position,but when it is used after rainy days,the organic fertilizer equipment will be found to be rusty,some mechanical parts will be aging and some will not be wet.Therefore,in response to these problems,it is crucial that organic fertilizer equipment is stored in a continuous rainy day to prevent these situations from occuring.
1.Organic fertilizer processing equipment should prevent rusting of iron parts.Most of the accessories used in organic  fertilizer equipment are made of iron.If they are not  properly stored,they willrust easily and shorten the severices life.They should be disassembled,coated with anti-rust paint and stored in a dry and ventilated place.
2.Organic fertilizer processing equipment should prevent the aging of rubber  parts.When the rubber parts of the organic fertilizer equipment are damp or oily.they are prone to aging and cracks,shortening the severice life .During the storage of the tractor,the front and rear axles of the locomotive are jacked up with jacks or sleepers to keep the tires off the ground and not to be loaded.
3.Organic fertilizer processing equipment shpuld prevent the motor from getting wet.
4.When the motor of organic fertilizer equipment is not used for a long time,it should be placed in a ventilated,dry and clean warehouse.If the motor is placed in a  fertilizer wetland or where it is easily wet by rain,the motor will be damp and the insulation performance will be reduced.Will cause circuit,electric leakage,iron or even burn the oil.
These ways are also appliable for other fertilizer machines,such as the fertilizer granulator series,,fertilizer mixers,fertilizer crusher series,and so on.
The above is the organic fertilizer processing equipment manufacturers to share with you how to avoid the rust of organic fertilizer equipment in rainy days,I hope to help you solve the problem of rusting organic fertilizer processing equipment,please pay attention to continuous update of this site.