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Pollution free granulation equipment for organic fertilizer production line

In the production and processing of organic fertilizer, granulation process is often used in order to reduce dust pollution and prevent caking. Today we will introduce some equipment about granulation. According to the different modes of granulation, they are generally divided into the following types:

① Disc granulator

The fertilizer granulator machine is composed of inclined pelletizing disc, driving device, disc tilt angle adjusting mechanism, frame, feeding pipe, feed liquid sprayer, scraper plate, etc. Due to the small investment and low operation cost of the disc granulator, it is widely used in organic fertilizer production enterprises.
For the fermentation materials with more crude fiber raw materials, this equipment is more suitable for the fermentation raw materials mainly composed of powder materials. If disc granulation equipment is used, it is recommended to carry out two times of grinding, otherwise, it will directly affect the quality of granulation.
Pollution free granulation equipment for organic fertilizer production line
② Double roller extruder
The fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for making soluble or non sticky particles, especially for fertilizer granules. It is not suitable for organic fertilizer granulation of sticky rice husk chicken manure with certain water content. It is easy to block the mold hole. The mould hole needs to be cleaned regularly, resulting in the consequence that it can not work continuously. It is suitable for granulation of compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials with high granulation rate.
Pollution free granulation equipment for organic fertilizer production line
③ Flat die extrusion granulator
The fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for granulation of rough fermentation organic fertilizer. It is mainly used for coarse fiber granulation, such as sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed husk, weeds and other crop straws, domestic waste, waste plastics and factory waste. It is also suitable for granulation, briquetting and bar making of materials with low adhesion rate and difficult to form. It can also be used for low-temperature granulation of biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

④ Ring die extrusion granulator

Ring die granulator can be widely used in small and medium-sized aquaculture, food and feed processing, livestock farms, poultry farms and individual farmers.
Pollution free granulation equipment for organic fertilizer production line
⑤ Agitator granulator
Fertilizer production machine makes use of the high-speed rotating mechanical mixing force and the resulting air power to continuously realize the mixing, granulation, spheroidization and densification of fine powder materials in the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, and the size of particle diameter can be adjusted by material mixing amount and spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount is, the higher the rotating speed is, the smaller the particles are, and vice versa. It is easy to meet the requirements of large-scale production because of its high granulation efficiency, no sharp angle and low pulverization rate.