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Wear of equipment in NPK fertilizer production line

During the operation of fertilizer production machine, some wear and tear may occur. With the increase of wear and tear, it may affect the service life of NPK fertilizer production line equipment, so how to avoid this situation? Let's share it with you.

Wear of equipment in NPK fertilizer production line
How to check and manage the wear and tear of fertilizer production machine?
  1. 1. Running in wear: This is the most common normal wear of NPK fertilizer production line equipment. When the new friction surfaces start to rub, the wear rate is faster. After reaching a certain extent, the actual contact area between the friction surfaces increases, the unit pressure decreases correspondingly, and the wear speed decreases.
  3. 2. Abrasive wear: wear caused by the cutting of hard particles on the worn surface.
  5. 3. Adhesive welding wear: when a certain material of friction surface is too light, the contact pressure is too large, the lubrication condition is too poor or the temperature is too high.
  7. 4. Fatigue wear: this occurs more on the friction surface with rolling friction, which is manifested in the crack surface on the friction surface of the parts, resulting in the metal surface falling off. The main reason is that the contact pressure of the surface material exceeds the compressive limit strength due to the compression elastic extension and cold and hot effects of the surface material.
  9. 5. Corrosion and wear: the friction surface is oxidized and deteriorated due to the continuous penetration of water vapor, chemical gas or oxide between the friction surfaces. It is generally oxidation wear and chemical corrosion wear.
  11. Tianci heavy industry small editor reminds you, in the above described situation, we should analyze according to different conditions, analyze the cause of wear and tear, and timely repair and maintenance. If you have no maintenance ability, please contact us in time.