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Precautions for purchasing organic fertilizer machine

When purchasing organic fertilizer machine, we should first see whether the manufacturer is formal and complete in procedures. We must choose the manufacturer with legal procedures and good reputation to purchase in the industry with good evaluation. After we buy, we need to ask for the purchase and sale certificate, in case of any problem, it can be used as evidence.

The other is that users should not think that it is better to provide technical formula manufacturers. Generally, equipment manufacturers are specialized research equipment, and will not set up special research groups to study organic fertilizer formula, so these are generally some general data. For different crop fertilizers, the content of microorganisms is different, so the user is looking for the professional part to obtain the formula. But the general supply of some academies and so on, you can design the formula according to the local soil structure.

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd is specialized in manufacturing large, medium and small-sized organic fertilizer machine, complex equipment, organic fertilizer production line and other complete equipment manufacturers, with complete configuration and stable performance. Welcome to discuss and order!

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd is a famous and high-quality product. In order to establish the corporate image, we solemnly promise to the users based on the principle of "high price, thoughtful service and reliable product quality"

Ⅰ Product quality commitment:

1. The manufacturing and testing of products have quality records and testing data.
2. For the test of product performance, we sincerely invite users to personally inspect the whole process and performance of the product, and then deliver the product after the product is confirmed to be qualified.

Ⅱ Product price commitment:

1, in order to ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of the products, the domestic quality products are selected for the system selection.
2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide products to users at a favorable price in good faith on the basis of not reducing product technical performance and changing product parts.

Ⅲ Delivery commitment:

1. Product delivery time: as far as possible according to the user's requirements, if there are special requirements, which need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and installation, and strive to meet the user's needs.
2. When the products are delivered, our company provides the following documents to the users;
① Technical maintenance manual
② General installation drawing
③ Specification and manufacturer of purchased parts
④ Provide list of vulnerable parts and spare parts, and attach a certain amount of spare parts

Ⅳ After sales service commitment:

1. Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
2. Service objective: to win customer satisfaction with service quality
3. Service efficiency: in case of equipment failure within or outside the warranty period, the supplier can arrive at the site and start maintenance within 24 hours after receiving the notice.
3. Service principle: the product warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts and components damaged due to quality reasons free of charge. For the parts and components damaged beyond the warranty period, only the cost will be charged for the parts provided. For the equipment damaged due to the human factors of the demander, the repair or parts provided by the supplier shall be calculated according to the cost price.