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Principle and characteristics of rotary drum fertilizer granulator machine

Production principle of rotary drum fertilizer granulator machine

Steam is introduced into the material layer in the drum to increase the temperature of the granulated material, so that the salts of the granulated material are dissolved, and a high liquid phase volume is obtained at a low moisture content to meet the liquid phase volume required by the material granulation. At the same time, the amount of evaporated water in the drying process is reduced.

The inner wall of the drum is lined with a number of soft rubber plates or polypropylene plates, and the corresponding positions of the drum are provided with air vents. When the inner lining is transferred from the bottom to the top at the same time as the drum, the inner lining will sag due to the self weight, so that the materials adhered to the inner lining will fall down due to the gravity, so as to achieve the function of automatic cleaning of the knots.

During operation, the operator can observe the balling of materials at any time, and take corresponding measures in time as required to ensure the normal operation of the system.

The main features of the rotary drum fertilizer granulator machine are as follows:

1. From feeding to finished product packaging, it is completed in a continuous production equipment with optimized combination. Comply with the requirements of national regulations on non landing of materials;

2. The equipment is suitable for various kinds of fertilizer as raw materials, can be used in npk fertilizer production line with low, medium and high concentration, and has high pelletizing rate, round particles, high smoothness, beautiful appearance and good commodity performance;

3. In the npk fertilizer production line, the dust is handled well, and there is no pollution to the surrounding environment.

4. The fertilizer granulator machine adopts the drying process of low temperature and large air volume, which can produce organic, inorganic and biological bacterial fertilizer.