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Process characteristics of extruding organic fertilizer granulation machine

Extrusion organic fertilizer production line has the characteristics of low energy consumption, no need to add binder, less investment and wide production capacity. The process of powder organic fertilizer production line is mainly reflected in three aspects: a. the powder is extruded into dense plate by the roller granulator. b. The compacted plate is crushed and granulated by extrusion granulator machine for fertilizer. c. Screening machine is used to screen the finished product particles. Dry roller granulation process does not need to add binder, does not need to burn coal to dry, only needs power supply, through strong roller pressing to overcome the intermolecular binding force of the powder, so that the powder can be dry pressed into shape.
Process characteristics of extruding organic fertilizer granulation machine
The process features of the extrusion organic fertilizer granulation machine are as follows
  1. 1. Because the extrusion roller granulator machine for fertilizer is extruded at normal temperature without other drying measures, the production process is relatively simple and can save energy and reduce consumption;
  2. 2. The molding granules are semicircular, rod, pill, walnut, oblate ball and so on, which can be customized according to the user's needs and has a wide range of applications;
  3. 3. The organic fertilizer production machine has high automation, high production efficiency and large processing capacity;
  4. 4. The granulation is good and uniform;
  5. 5. The roller is made of high wear resistant material and long service life;
  6. 6. The equipment maintenance is convenient.