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Process of organic fertilizer production line in chicken farm

Manure is the main source of pollution in chicken farms. Organic fertilizer production machine can perfectly solve the problem of fecal emissions, and the treated feces can also bring extra income to the chicken farms. Chicken farms can sell the treated chicken manure to organic fertilizer producers. After a series of processing, the manure can be processed into nutrient rich ecological organic fertilizer. The process flow of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is as follows:

1. The ratio of raw materials per ton is used to stack strips with unlimited length;

2. Compost fermented by powder;

3. Adding bacteria agent for mixing;

4. Comminution after mixing;

5. Granulation, drying, cooling and grading;

6. The moisture content of the newly made granules is relatively large, so the moisture content should be dried to below 20% of the organic fertilizer standard. The organic fertilizer particles that meet the requirements after cooling by the cooler can be directly packaged.
On the contrary, further grinding, granulation, drying and cooling are needed. 

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