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Process of organic fertilizer production line for livestock manure

Process of organic fertilizer production line for livestock manure:
1. The recovered livestock and poultry feces are directly put into the fermentation area. After one fermentation and two aging stacking, the stink of livestock manure is eliminated. In this stage, the fermentation bacteria can be added to decompose the crude fiber, so that the particle size after crushing can meet the particle size requirements of granulation production.

2. Smash the fermentation materials that have completed the secondary aging stacking process and enter the mixing and stirring system. Before mixing and stirring, add N, P, K and other microelements into the mixing and stirring system according to the fertilizer ingredients and start mixing.

3. The mixed materials are transported to the fertilizer granulator, the granulation enters into the cooling system after passing through the dryer, the materials are sieved after reaching the normal temperature, the qualified particles enter into the coating machine to wrap the coating film, and then the packaging is started, the unqualified particles are crushed by the crusher and then returned to the granulation system, and the granulation continues.

4. Automatic weighing and packaging of finished products.
Process of organic fertilizer production line for livestock manure

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