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Why does the granule produced by fertilizer granulator become coarse?

Fertilizer granulation production line is the fertilizer into the user's needs of the granular, convenient later use or sales. The service life of the fertilizer granulator depends on the daily maintenance of the granulator. It needs to be noted that, with the extension of the use time, the organic fertilizer granulator group section of wear and tear, if not timely treatment, the particle size of the finished products will become larger, thicker, and not beautiful. At this time, we need to replace the fertilizer granulator liner.

In the replacement of fertilizer granulator bushing, the first to pay attention to cleaning near the outlet, at the same time to replace the new wear parts, must be in the transmission parts on the oil, in order to ensure the lubricity. New worn parts must also be fixed in place during installation to avoid unnecessary loss due to loosening.
Why does the granule produced by fertilizer granulator become coarse?

Daily maintenance of the fertilizer granulator can greatly extend the service life of the fertilizer granulator. In the process of use to cherish the equipment, mainly do not let the equipment idling operation, pay attention to the change of equipment temperature but load operation, if there is a noise timely stop operation, check the fault, before the use of troubleshooting.