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Roller press granulator technology

The rapid development of paper,pharmaceutical,food ,aquaculture and other industries,the pollution of related wastes is also becoming more and more serious,the use of inorganic fertilizer production equipment to produce organic fertilizer,will also produce various problems.In order to solve these problems,we designed a new fertilizer machines---roller press granulator machine to make the waste into organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator.Now,we will introduce the production of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer by extrusion granulation and rounding process.
Producing the oranic-inorganic fertilizer granulator using the roller press granulator,which is a new designed fertilizer granulator machine to be used to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.The process is designed primarily for paper mill sludge,furfural plant residues,farm manure,and concentrated sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants.Before producing,the first step is to make the raw material fermentated fully.The fermentation compost turner machine is a good choice and using the fermentation compost turner machine can save the time of fermentating.Then chose a suitable fertilizer crusher to crush the raw material in order to make the raw material can be mixed in the fertilzier mixer machine.After crushing and mixing the npk in the raw material,we can use the fertilizer granulator machine--roller press granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.Sometime,the water content have some requirements of the fertilizer granulator,so we need to use the dryer to dry the water and use the drum cooler to cool the temperature.After screening the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer screener machine then we can pack it using the automatic packing machine to storage and transport.Well,these fertilizer machines are also included in roller press granulator production line.We can directly choose a fertilizer production line to produce the organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator.