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Shall we notice in the process of roller press granulator?

The method of producing ferilizer granulator have many,and what notice shall we know,in the producing process there are some fertilizer producing notices.Taking the roller press granulator producing as an example.
In the process of producing the compound fertilizer granulator using the roller press granulator machine,these point that we need to know:
1.Pay attentation to moisture control.Since there is no drying equipment  in the molding granulation process,the water content of the finished product depends on the combined water content of the base material.Therefore,controlling the moisture of the appropriate materials,so that the moisture of the finished product is controlled within the allowable range of the organic -inorganic compound fertilizer standard,becomes the key to production.
2.Prevent iron debries from entering the roller press granulator.After the iron debirs enters the extrusion granulator,the roller and the template are easily damaged,which directly affects the quality of the finished product.
3.Prevent blocksge.When the feed is too much or the water content of the material is too much,the template is easily blocked.
4.Pay attention to the order of feeding.Since urea easily reacts with other base materials during the mixing process,urea is generally added last during the mixing of the base materials.The mixed materials should be used up within a short period of time to avoid the material being unusable due to moisture absorption.
Well,in the process of producing the fertilizer granulator still have many other notices need to be paied attention and using different fertilizer granulator machine have different notices need to be pied attention.So if you are any questions about the fertilizer machine you can leave a message for us,and we will supply the professional answer for you.