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Selection of disc granulator machine

Although the production of disc granulation equipment is slightly small, it is still the main force of the organic fertilizer production line. The fertilizer granules produced have a smooth appearance. Therefore, many companies continue to retain disc granulation equipment. Granulation equipment is still in use, so do you know some tips when choosing disc granulator machine?
organic fertilizer granulator
When selecting equipment, you must first choose a regular manufacturer. This is the most important, because even if there is a problem with our equipment in the future, they can also be found to solve the problem. Our company's usual style is not to be afraid of problems or to solve problems in a timely manner, so no matter which customer has a problem in our production equipment, even if it is a small problem, as long as the customer calls to find us, we will solve the problem carefully until the customer is satisfied and the problem is resolved.

Another thing is to pay attention to the quality of the equipment when selecting the fertilizer granulator. We must go to the manufacturer to inspect the granulator when selecting the equipment. During the inspection, we should have a general understanding of the strength of the company and the quality of the equipment produced etc.

Some precautions when using disc granulator machine:
1. The disc granulation equipment should be checked between productions to see if the inside of the granulation disc is empty. In addition, the machine should be preheated before production.
2. Pay attention to changes in production temperature at any time during the production process and adjust in time.
3. It is necessary to pay attention to the production of disc granulation equipment, check whether the direction of disc rotation is reverse, if it is reversed, stop immediately to avoid other problems.
4. In fact, the equipment is the same as that of people, and they need to be checked and cleaned regularly. After a period of production, relevant staff must be arranged to check the equipment and clean up the equipment to ensure normal production operation.