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Sheep manure fertilizer production machine fertilizer production line

The sheep manure fertilizer production line is a new type of organic fertilizer with high quality and environmental protection, which is non-toxic and harmless after high-temperature sterilization, fermentation, deodorization and harmless treatment, with comprehensive nutrients, stable properties and gradual decomposition, improving the disease resistance of crops and promoting strong seedlings.

I Sheep manure fertilizer production line will mix sheep manure with a certain amount of straw powder, the amount of which depends on the water content of sheep manure. Generally, 45% of the water content is required for fermentation, that is to say, the mixture is made into a ball by hand, and the water can be seen through the fingers, but it will not drip, and it will be scattered once it is released. Then add corn flour and strain, the function of corn flour is to increase the sugar content for strain fermentation, so that the multi-dimensional complex enzyme bacteria will soon dominate.

II Add the prepared mixture into the mixer for mixing, and make sure that the mixture is uniform, transparent and free of lumps.

Sheep manure fertilizer production machine fertilizer production line

III Width of mixed ingredients One point five Meters - 2 meters high Zero point eight Meters - 1 meter long strip, once every 2 days with a fertilizer production machine(compost turning machine).

Ⅳ composting: 2-day heating, 4-day odor free, 7-day loose, 9-day fragrant, 10 day fertilizer.
1. On the second day of stacking, the temperature can reach 60 ℃ - 80 ℃, killing diseases and insect pests such as Escherichia coli and eggs;
2. On the fourth day, the odor of sheep manure was eliminated, and on the seventh day, the compost became loose and dry, covered with white hyphae;
3. On the 9th day, it gives out a kind of distiller's yeast fragrance;
4. Day 10 fermentation
Ⅴ it can be crushed by semi wet material crusher with a little air drying, granulated by fertilizer granulator machine, dried and dehydrated by dryer, and then screened by screening machine. The finished organic fertilizer can be packed and stored.

The complete set of fertilizer production machines of the sheep manure fertilizer production line include the early stage fermentation part: manure dehydrator, fermentation compost turning machine; the later stage granulation part: semi wet material crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.