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Environmental protection granulation technology of fertilizer production line

According to different product requirements, the granulation methods of fertilizer production line can be roughly divided into three types: drum granulation, disc granulation and double roller granulation. In recent years, the green fertilizer production line has been gradually emphasized. Because of the volatilization of ammonia and other waste gas, the drum granulation method is difficult to adapt to the requirements of green environmental protection, and the cost of tail gas treatment is very high. At the same time, compared with the investment of drum granulator, it has some advantages Large, small and medium-sized fertilizer enterprises are difficult to accept.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, as the supplement of large-scale fertilizer enterprises, mainly produce organic fertilizer and unit element fertilizer. According to different raw materials, organic fertilizer manufacturers choose disc granulator or double roller granulator, and single element inorganic fertilizer adopts roller pressing granulator. As a fertilizer production machine manufacturer, we have considered both the environmental protection index and the quality index of the production process in the process design.

Environmental protection granulation technology of fertilizer production line
In the process of organic fertilizer granulation, the granulation process is easy to produce dust. The reason is that the water content of dry powder material after crushing is small and the drop is large, and there is a certain amount of dust overflow during the falling process of material. In the process of process design, we should pay full attention to the dust control of this process, strengthen the air suction and dust removal, and control the dust of the fertilizer production line The following three benefits: (1) maintain environmental health and reduce dust pollution in the workshop. (2) Optimize the local operation environment, facilitate the inspection and operation of operators. (3) Improve the service life of the equipment.

The environmental protection index of the fertilizer production line has attracted the high attention of the fertilizer enterprises. We enhance the environmental protection awareness in the process design, equipment manufacturing and equipment installation and other stages, to ensure that the production line delivered for use has the characteristics of clean and environmental protection, and adapt to the increasing environmental protection requirements.